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Ohio Lawyers Give Back was founded by Dworken & Bernstein Co., L.P.A. to promote the use of cy pres in class action settlements. When a class action is settled, plaintiff and defendant agree to a fund amount to pay all class members. Since many class members have moved, passed-away, or can't be found, millions of settlement dollars go unclaimed. That settlement money is intended to benefit the class—rather than revert to the wrongdoing defendant—so the ancient doctrine is now being used to distribute the unclaimed money to charities and non profits.

Over $24 million dollars has already been distributed, just by the sponsors, a single law firm. If cy pres were used more broadly, hundreds of millions of dollars each year would be available to help charities, non-profits, and the communities where we live. This website is dedicated to advancing the use of cy pres in all class action settlements where a large pool of unclaimed settlement funds is expected.

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About Cy Pres
Cy pres means "as nearly as possible". This doctrine is putting smiles of the faces of many charities and those they serve. Millions of dollars of unclaimed class action settlement funds are being distributed to worthwhile charities in our communities. These monies are helping to feed hungry families, provide treatment to crippled children, build homes for the homeless, fund research to fight sickness and disease, treat alcoholism and drug abuse—the list of causes helped by recent donations are staggering. Find out more by clicking the link below.
About Us
Dworken & Bernstein Co., L.P.A. has been a member of the legal and business community in Northeastern Ohio since 1959. In its second century of practice, Dworken & Bernstein has a reputation of focusing on its clients but also the community. As a leader in plaintiff class action litigation, Dworken & Bernstein is seeking to redefine what a class action can accomplish for the community. As a leader in plaintiff class action litigation, Dworken & Bernstein is seeking to redefine what a class action can accomplish for the community. Historically, when a ...
Events & Gifts
Ohio Lawyers Give Back is pleased to announce that July 18, 2008 marks the largest cy pres distribution in U.S. history. Dworken and Bernstein structured a $52 million dollar class action settlement to provide a cy pres. The total payment to charities is over $24 million dollars. There are 90 charities which have benefited, including programs which will provide thousands of meals for hungry and homeless families. Research to defeat killer diseases like leukemia, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy. Alcohol and drug abuse counseling, treatment and prevention.
Media & News
Many OLGB donations have received extensive media coverage. These stories highlight the unique nature of cy pres and some unusual and interesting charities benefitting from the program. Join us in viewing those broadcasts by following the link below.

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