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Charities and non-profits which have benefited in the past from charitable reverters include a wide array of health and human service agencies, medical research and disease prevention efforts, child welfare organizations, women's protective services, legal public service groups and a host of other organizations serving the welfare, needs and interests of communities throughout Ohio and beyond.

Organizations providing direct service to individuals, rather than umbrella organizations, are required. Groups and organizations offering direct service or support to abortion or abortion advocacy will not be considered.

A complete list of organizations that have received charitable reverter funds can be found at the charities area of this site.

If your non-profit would like to be considered for inclusion in a future charitable reverter fund, please submit the information form attached. We will notify you whether your organization will be included in a future fund as soon as possible, but we cannot commit to a distribution, provide you a date of distribution or a projected amount of distribution. When we are able to do so, we will notify you. You should be aware that class action cases can take many years to resolve, and the amount of the charitable reverter fund available for distribution from case to case varies widely. We caution you not to make any budget forecasts as to amounts or dates of distribution.

(Please do not attempt to contact us. We will be in touch with you.)
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