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The Legal Aid Society

The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland is the law firm for low income individuals. Legal Aid secures justice and resolves fundamental problems for those who are low income and vulnerable by providing high quality legal services and working for systemic solutions. Legal Aid handles more than 7,000 cases annually – while that sounds incredible, that figure only represents a fraction of the legal needs of low-income individuals in Northeast Ohio. In 2005, The Legal Services Corporation, released "Documenting the Justice Gap: Current Unmet Civil Legal Needs of Low Income Americans;" the report concludes that 80% of the civil legal needs of low-income Americans are not being met.

Legal Aid's clients live n the edge. They are individuals who are confronted with a legal problem that, if left unresolved, result in loss of housing, continued violence, limited access to education, income, food, safety or family stability. The problems they face are life problems that have a legal resolution. These clients have legal rights, but without an attorney, those rights will not be enforced.

Cy Pres Award Donation

The funds will be used to fund elements of Legal Aid's strategic plan and underwrite the support of attorneys who provide legal services to the poor.

website: http://www.lasclev.org/

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